Route 4 – Direct Access Scheme (DAS)

Bolton DAS Motorcycle Training
Category A. Take the two modular practical tests on a bigger bike. (We us Honda 650cc and Kawasaki 650cc ER6′s also Yamaha XJ6). It must be capable of delivering 40KWH or 54 bhp (brake horse power). This route is known as the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) and is only available to people over 24 years of age or holder of a Category A2 licence. Again you must pass a theory test before taking the modular tests. Once you pass the “Big Bike” test you can ride any bike from day 1.

The Practical Tests for DAS are the same as ROUTES 2&3 but to take advantage of the Direct Access Scheme route, you must take lessons with an approved Instructor and must be in radio contact. FORCE DAS Instructors are all qualified to Police Class1 Advanced level.

See Our Direct Access Training Course


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