Route 3 – Restricted A2 Motorcycle Licence

Bolton CBT Training
If you are aged between 19-24, and have successfully completed your CBT and motorcycle theory test or have a full category A1 licence , you may take the practical Mod1+2 tests on a machine of at least 395cc with a power output of between 33bhp-46.6 bhp, to gain the category A2 licence.

Once you have passed the A2 tests you may ride any machine with a maximum power of 46.6bhp. (This can be a larger capacity machine which has its power output restricted to below 46.6bhp, i.e. 650cc Suzuki or Kawasaki ER6 etc)

After two years on this A2 restriction (or if you reach 24 yrs of age before the end of the 2 year restriction) you may then re-take both Mod1+2 tests for the category A licence, this must be on a machine of at least 595cc with a minimum power of 53.6 bhp, on passing these tests you may then ride any size machine with no power restrictions.

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