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Direct Access motorcycle training (DAS) in Salford, Eccles and Swinton with FORCE RIDER Training we carry out DAS training 7 days a week at our purpose built training site between Farnworth and Bolton.

About the DAS – Direct Access Scheme
Direct Access or DAS is a scheme which allows a person over the age of 21/24yrs to avoid the two year / 25 kW restriction by taking a test on a machine of at least 40 kW (54.6 bhp) generally a 600 or 650cc machine. After passing the DAS tests you are allowed immediately to ride any size of motorcycle. Any training or instruction using a machine with an engine capacity greater than the normal 125cc learner motorcycle specification can only be given by a certified motorcycle instructor who is qualified to DAS level.

DAS Maximum Trainee / Instructor ratio: 2:1.

DAS Consists of 2 Modules
Module 1 will take on average 22 minutes and is conducted on a purpose built site. The examiner will assess your control of the bike.

Module 2 of the test will last approximately 57 minutes and will consist of an eyesight test, at least two road safety questions, and one pillion related question. You will then undertake at least 30 minutes of road riding.

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