A1 + A2 Restricted Access Training and Tests.

At 17 years old and having completed your CBT Compulsory Basic Training you can take your Restricted Access Tests which will allow you to ride a motorbike or scooter up to 125cc  (brake horse power) with no L Plates. We can offer A1 Restricted Access Training and Tests within days of you first contacting us and regularly have candidates taking their test within a week of picking up the phone.

Mopeds and Scooters

If you live in Bolton, Chorley, Bury, Wigan, Salford or indeed anywhere within Greater Manchester or Lancashire areas please give us a call and pass your motorcycle test with Force Rider Training.

Between completing your CBT test and taking your Restricted Access Tests you will also be required to pass the DSA Theory Test which consists of 50 questions and 14 video clips. Force Rider Training can advise you on the best way to approach and pass your Theory Test and help you gain that all important pass.

Restricted Motorcycle Licence A1

The Category A1 Motorcycle Licence is available for people aged 17 or above who only want to ride a scooter or motorbike with a maximum engine size of up to 125cc not exceeding 11KWH.

Many people consider the A1 licence as a so called ‘permanent CBT’, with the added privilege of being able to use motorways, and carry pillion passenger’s.

Following European Legislation changes in January 2013, the A1 Motorcycle Licence is the only motorbike licence available to those people between 17 and 18 years of age.

You can choose take your A1 Motorcycle test on either a manual or an automatic motorbike. If you choose take your test on a manual motorcycle and pass, you can then ride either automatic scooters/mopeds or manual motorbikes. However if you decided to pass your test on an automatic, you will be limited to only automatic motorbikes and scooters only.

Restricted Motorcycle Licence A2 ( also known as the Intermediate Access).

Category A2. If you are aged between 19-24, and have successfully completed your CBT and motorcycle theory test or have a full category A1 licence , you may take the practical Mod1+2 tests on a machine of at least 395cc with a power output of between 33bhp-46.6 bhp, to gain the category A2 licence.

Once you have passed the A2 tests you may ride any machine with a maximum power of 46.6bhp. (This can be a larger capacity machine which has its power output restricted to below 46.6bhp, i.e. 650cc Suzuki Bandit/SV 650cc, Yamaha XJ6, or Kawasaki ER6 etc)

After two years on this A2 restriction (or if you reach 24 yrs of age before the end of the 2 year restriction) you may then re-take both Mod1+2 tests for the category A licence, this must be on a machine of at least 595cc with a minimum power of 53.6 bhp, on passing these tests you may then ride any size machine with no power restrictions.



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