Direct Access Scheme (DAS) Training and Tests

Being 24 years old and having completed your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) and also passed your Motorcycle Theory test ( or having possibly gone through the A1 + A2 licence categories), you can choose to take your Category A licence known as DAS (Direct Access Scheme) Route which allow you to ride a motorcycle or scooter of any size. As with the Restricted Access Routes we can usually place Direct Access candidates on a training course within a matter of days and have them taking their tests shortly after.

DAS Direct Access Training

Between completing your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) and taking your DAS (Direct Access Scheme) tests you will be required to pass the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) Theory Test which consists of 50 questions and 14 video clips. The Instructors at FORCE are always on hand to advise you on the best way to approach and pass your Theory Test.

Available to qualifying riders as above or over the age of 24, a practical test can be taken on any motorcycle with a power output exceeding 40kW (54bhp). Upon passing this test, a rider may ride a motorcycle of any size with no power restriction. This training is undertaken on our Honda CBF 600, Yamaha XJ6s and Kawasaki ER6 650cc motorcycles, and both Trainee and Instructor are in radio contact at all times.

Prior to undertaking any of the DSA practical motorcycle tests, a candidate must hold a valid CBT certificate, and a DSA motorcycle theory test certificate.

Maximum Trainee / Instructor ratio: 2:1.

The DSA practical motorcycle test is comprised of two separate modules. Module 1 is conducted on an approved DSA testing site, and includes both low speed and higher speed manoeuvres. Module 1 must be passed prior to undertaking Module 2, which is a practical on road test conducted from a DSA test centre

DAS Requirements – You Must:

  • hold a provisional or full UK Licence.
  • have Category ‘A’ listed on the counterpart of your licence.
  • have passed a motorcycle theory test.
  • hold a current CBT Certificate.
  • be 24 years old or over.
  • Or held a Category A2 licence for 2 years.

Having satisfied these conditions you are eligible to take your Category A,  Direct Access (DAS) test. This will allow you to:

  • ride any size of motorcycle.
  • You can remove the “L” plates.
  • travel on motorways (as long as your bike meets the legal criteria).
  • carry a pillion passenger.
  • take further training to advanced level and beyond.

Module 1 will take on average 22 minutes and is usually conducted on a purpose built site. The examiner will assess your control of the bike, including:

  • Manual handling of the machine
  • Slalom
  • Figure of eight
  • Slow riding in a straight line
  • U-turn
  • Controlled stop
  • Emergency stop
  • Hazard/Swerve avoidance

Watch video on the new Mod1 test

On passing Module 1 test a pass certificate is issued which will need to be taken along to your Module 2 test.

Module 2 of the test will last approximately 57 minutes and will consist of an eyesight test, at least two road safety questions, and one pillion related question. You will then undertake a least 35-40 minutes of road riding, during which you will encounter a variety of road and traffic conditions which will include normal stops, and both hill and angle starts.

The eyesight test requires reading of a number plate in good daylight at a distance of 67 feet (20.5 metres). If you require glasses or contact lenses during the eyesight test then they must be worn throughout the course of the test.

During the test, the DSA examiner will be in radio contact and will assess your overall riding abilities, which can include the following points:

  • Safe riding
  • Compliance with correct road procedure
  • Obeying traffic signs.
  • Ability to perform setting off and stopping exercises as above.
  • Making appropriate progress whilst riding.
  • Keeping up with traffic and maintaining a safe following distance.
  • Showing confidence and good judgment.
  • Choosing the appropriate speed for the type of road, density of traffic and weather.
  • Reacting correctly to road signs and speed limits.
  • Anticipating and reacting appropriately to the actions of other road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and animals.

At the conclusion of the test, you will be informed of the result by the DSA examiner, who will give advice where necessary.

Check out the DSA’s Mod2 video playlist


The training is usually carried out on our Kawasaki 500 or 650 cc bikes but can be carried out on your own bike as long as it is roadworthy and meets all the legal requirements.

Your Module 1 training will be conducted on our purpose built, off-road area and for additional practice we actually rent the very same DSA test area (MMA- Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area) that you will take your test on, FORCE Rider do not as some other trainers do, use a side road on a busy industrial estate to practice the Module 1 exercises.

Module 2 training is conducted using the roads around the North West, teaching you a “skill for life” equipping you to deal with anything the comes along, not merely taking you back and forth over tedious tests routes, hoping that you may remember any of the 40 plus routes that the examiners have at their disposal.

FORCE carries out training 7 days a week and can arrange training to suit your work schedule.  We even carry out training in the evenings during the summer months.

We offer the most competitive prices for DAS training !!, Courses start from £250 plus test fees

If you live in Bolton, Chorley, Bury, Wigan, Salford or indeed anywhere within Greater Manchester or Lancashire areas and are thinking of taking your DAS (Direct Access Scheme) motorcycle test, please give us a call. We would be delighted to hear from you.


  1. curtis
  2. Mubashir Siddiqi
  3. Brian from Littleborough
  4. Paul J . Chorley
  5. Rob Rigby
  6. Mark wooten
  7. Babar shah
  8. Daniel
  9. Jared Smith
  10. Idyn
  11. Steven Artingstall, Stalybridge
  12. Marc A Cohen
  13. paul smith
  14. Philip cleworth
  15. craig hooson
  16. tony leah
  17. David Smith
  18. Ian Crombie
  19. Steven galley
  20. Jon Dunstan
  21. Seb Novak
  22. thomas arnott
  23. Andy Farnworth
  24. Ian Howard
  25. Steve Hodson
  27. Andy Sampson
  28. Gino Kerekes
  29. steve
  30. Stuart J
  31. Andy Singleton, Bolton
  32. Andrew Wilson
  33. Ben Sheridan
  34. Richard Ferguson
  35. Andy Hallam
  36. Mark R
  37. John Grindrod
  38. Sue
  39. Craig Carlon
  40. Sean Forrest
  41. Alwin P
  42. Lee
  43. Jay brown
  44. Lee S
  45. Colin Brooks
  46. Gerard kanter
  47. Damien
  48. kevin tushingham
  49. Danny Heaton
  50. Gordon Broady
  51. Peter Empson
  52. Alex
  53. Rick Heywood
  54. Chris Moore
  55. Ian Mason
  56. russ
  57. Nick H
  58. Jonathan Weir
  59. Phil chester
  60. Ged
  61. Chris mortenson
  62. anthony smith
  63. Cliff cartwright
  64. Tom S
  65. Brian Duckworth
  66. Krishan Patel
  67. Rob Smithson
  68. Tony Lowe
  69. Tim
  70. Glen T
  71. Nicole
  72. Trevor

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