Force Rider Training was born out of continued requests from motorcyclists who wanted to expand and improve on the high level of training they had already received from Andy whilst he was working for other training companies (Andy is the Senior Instructor/Boss of Force Rider Training).

Andy found himself in the position of doing more and more “private” lessons for previous customers and their family members and friends, and at the same time and on a daily basis he found himself frustrated at the attitude of many of the “other companies” at the “clock watching and penny pinching attitudes”, also the way that maintenance on machines was over looked because “its only being ridden by a Learner!!”.

Having spent over 32 years in the local Constabulary (26 years as a Bike Cop) Andy started FORCE Rider Training to provide a highly professional and personal service, he prides himself in producing students that not merely have the skills to pass the DSA tests but have developed “a skill for life” this helps them to survive on two wheels and enjoy the pleasure, keeping you smiling :)

Many car drivers who turn to motorcycling and received training with FORCE often comment that they never realised exactly how much they had been missing whilst driving their cars and how since being trained at FORCE not just their motorcycling but also their car driving had improved considerably, (obviously helped by Andy also being highly qualified ADI Car Instructor).

All Instructors at FORCE are personally chosen by Andy and indoctrinated into the “FORCE” way of thinking to ensure that they all exceed the standard required by the DSA; all our instructors are regularly monitored and then periodically assessed by the Examiners that will pass you on your tests.

Having started with just a couple of training motorcycles the stable has now increased up to the current count of 18, ranging from the Honda X8R Sports 50cc mopeds to the “Big Bikes” Honda 600cc Hornets/Kawasaki 650cc Sports Bikes, all of which are kept in tip top condition with our very own factory trained technician.

Highly Qualified Professional Instructors with top specification bikes and quality clothing make for an enjoyable learning experience that you’ll remember for life and as happens on an daily basis, you in turn pass on the words:-


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